This Is It!

Today is the last day of writing for Slice of Life for the month of March! A part of me has loved this and a part of me has thought, “why did I sign up to do this another year?” March is my busiest time of the year, “why would I add something else on my plate?” Peer encouraging, self-reflecting time and time for myself!

There were three other teachers in my building who were doing Slice of Life so I decided to do it again. I truly enjoyed reading their posts. It gave us things to talk about that was not always school related. I learned things about them that I would not have otherwise heard. Thank you Meg, Jenna and Paula for sharing your writing during this month! I truly enjoyed reading your posts. Peer encouragement does work!!

Self-reflection offers teachers an opportunity to think about what works and what doesn’t in their classroom. We teachers can use reflective teaching as a way to analyze and evaluate our own practices so we can focus on what works. When I mentor, I always encourage my mentees to always reflect on how their lessons went and be honest with themselves. What can they do to make the lesson/lessons better? It is ok to admit when you know something didn’t go well! Making changes because of self-reflection is powerful!

When I write, I am able to set aside everything that is happening around me. I sit down and only think of me! Well, I always think of teaching, family and friends but it is my time! My time for myself to write about what I want! My thoughts are always all over the place just like my life. I get to do what I want to do right in that moment. It may only be 5-10 minutes but it is my time!

Thank you Slice of Life for offering this again! I would not sit down and write without a challenge like this. I am great with making excuses! Here is to another year. There are only 51 school days left of our 2017-2018 school year and I can’t wait to just do what I want for the summer!!




When meeting with my Mentee Wednesday morning, she asked me if I had checked me email. I had told her no. She told me ALL the Donorschoose Projects were fully funded by Ripple. I was so happy. I had just submitted my project on Friday. It was for $1625. That is an expensive project for me. I had asked for the complete Collaborative Classroom Library for 1st grade. 240 books Fiction and Non Fiction. I didn’t want to take the time to see what books out of my library I already have.

If you have never done a Donorschoose Project you really need too! There are lots of businesses/people who want to support classrooms.

Youngest Child



Back in 1990 they only let you have your newborn an hour or so at a time. I was standing outside the nursery looking at my youngest child when a woman walked up to me and stood next to me. She said, “My condolences”! I was so upset with that comment. Walker Pete was born face first instead of head first. His face looked like he had been in a fight. Every time the nurse or doctor checked to see how far along I was, they were poking his face instead of his head. The Pediatrician who came to check him out mentioned that they might have to send him down to Portland to be checked. He said he was going to wait 24 hours before making the decision. I was so happy when they said he was ok! He had no voice for 3 months (I could not hear him cry). I let him sleep on me all the time.  If he wasn’t sleeping on me, I carried him in a carrier right on me. I worried that I would not hear him cry when he needed me. Walker was born in September and I ended up taking the rest of the year off from teaching. I did not feel comfortable leaving him with anyone else but me!!


Walker’s family!










Walker is now 24 years old, engaged (getting married June 2018) and has an 18 month old little girl and a soon to be six-year-old step son. All of them are currently living with us. They have two dogs, two cats, some fish and a bunny. It’s a good thing we have over 5000 square feet in our home!  Walker’s fiance goes off to work 40 hours per week while he stays at home raising their kids. My 86-year-old mother-in-law lives with us so he has stepped up to the plate to assist with her. She is 90% disabled and needs a lot of support. He did take some time to get his Journeyman Oil Burner and Fuel Technician License. He got a job with a local heating company but developed some anxiety about going into strangers houses. I knew he had some anxiety but not to that level. He ended up quitting that job and has not done anymore with it.

He was working evenings helping a local business change from a pizza shop to a mexican shop. The shop has now opened so Walker has been doing some online classes to get his insurance license. He loves learning new things! He just doesn’t like traveling and going into strangers houses. He will soon figure out what he wants to do with his adult life!!


Walker and his little girl Ariana!


Middle Child



Wade is on the right

Wade’s birth was much easier than his older sister’s. Labor was easier and the delivery was easier. I thought he was smaller than my daughter but wasn’t. He was a couple ounces bigger than her. When we brought Wade home, Cassie was 19 months old. She did not want anything to do with a brother. Everytime I nursed Wade, Cassie would try and bite him. I only nursed Wade for ten days because it got so bad. I always regretted that. Wade always had ear infections. He ended up with tubes put in his ears at 5 years old. Wade is our middle child!

Wade was engaged to a girl for 6 years before they split up when he was 24. He was depressed and moved back home. After a few months, he met his now fiance. She completes him. She is caring, outgoing, funny, hard working and enthusiastic. I can see that she adores him. I am so happy that he found such a wonderful girl.

Wade is now 27 years old, engaged and a homeowner. He will be getting married in October. They bought the house right next door to us. They both work full time and have three dogs.


Even though we live right next door to each, we rarely see them. We get glimpses of each other when we are out with our dogs. I am looking forward to the summer so that I can actually spend more time with them!

Oldest Child

Thinking back to when my daughter was born brings back many emotions. I was so excited finding out I was pregnant. She was 10 pounds 9 oz and 22 inches long. The doctor had to break her collarbone to get her out. The collarbone would heal on its own with time. We were going to call her “Amanda” but after seeing and holding her we decided Cassandra (Cassie) would be her name. The first car ride home from the hospital I had to sit right next to her in the back seat. I wanted to make sure she could breathe. I was an over protective new mom for sure. She slept on me often. I breastfed her for 7 months but had to introduce cereal at 5 months because she never seemed full.

Cassie is now 29 years old, married and has two boys of her own (22 monthold and a 3 month old). She just went back to work this week. It was very emotional for her. I tru love watching her parent. Her and her husband are wonderful parents! When they are not working they are doing family activities like mountain climbing, going to a park or just playing around the house. They live over an hour away so we only see them once a month. We do video chat often and I always get a few pictures each day from her. I love being a grandmother!



I had trouble getting up this morning after a wonderful weekend with family! I did not go exercise like I usually do at 4:30 am! I decided to wait until my husband woke up at 5:50 before getting out of bed. I actually got to work after 8:00 am which is not like me this year. I usually have so many things I have to do Monday mornings before leaving the house:

  • Workout
  • Put together my mother-in-law’s weekly meds
  • Blog
  • Decide what will be for dinner and take out things from freezer if needed
  • Make French Press Coffee
  • Empty dishwasher from the night before
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Check emails from school
  • Check Bloomz App (Parents/Teacher Communication)                                                 This morning I chose to wait for my grandson to come home from his other grandparents house. They were telling him that they would be moving to Alabama this week. When he got home, he didn’t even bring up that they were moving. It didn’t seem to have bothered him. I also took an extra 15 minutes to feed my 18 month old granddaughter. Working out and Blogging did not happen early this morning. They had to wait until later tonight. I will get back on track Tuesday!!

Simply Health Podcasts

Do you ever listen to Podcasts? Lately I have been listening to Podcasts about eating healthy and exercising. My favorite Podcast is called Simply Health. I love that it is produced by a husband/wife team from my local area. They just share information about making healthy lifestyle choices. They don’t give medical advice but are sharing their own experiences. I have learned so many wonderful things that I have now incorporated into my daily life. I have only been making better choices in my diet since after the new year. I have heard it is better late than never in life. The changes I have made have allowed me to not only lose weight, have more energy, brought my blood pressure down, my BMI is no longer in obese range and I am wearing clothes I couldn’t wear for years! Thank you Simply Health for making a difference in my life!!