Chizzle Wizzle



Past interlocutor for Chizzle Wizzle

Here it is Friday night and I am having trouble thinking about what to blog about. Since I just got back from going out with my husband, I will write about what we did.  We went to Chizzle Wizzle which is the nation’s oldest student variety show here in Augusta. This was the 127th year of the show. It is a must see show if you live in the Augusta area. Every year we have attended the show. Both my husband and I teach in the district so it is rewarding for us to see our past students up on stage. My husband was the interlocutor a few years ago for the show. He had a lot of fun being apart of it.

One of my past students did a solo, two did some dancing, one was the stage manager and there were several other students who participated in the chorus. The Variety show allowed students in grades 9-12 from all different disciplines to perform – from singing to playing music to acting.

My husband and I had a great time watching some of our past students perform. What a great way to spend Friday night!



I had every intention of having Student Led Conferences but with two snow days, an Early Release and a workshop day, my students did not have time to role- play what they needed to do. Only half of my parents brought their child with them to the conference. I blame myself for that percentage. Usually we have had so much time to practice that the students make sure their parents know they need to be there. I am exhausted from doing 18 conferences this week. 4 parents did not come for their slot they were signed up for. I didn’t end up leaving school today until 7:30 pm. What a long day!

The students that did come with their parents were able to share samples of their work. They also had shared one thing they do very well and one thing they are working on. I am amazed how honest my students were. They also shared a self-reflection they did on behavioral expectations. For each question, they could color in red for No, I’m not doing this. Yellow, I could be doing better at this. Green, I do this all the time. Many of the students gave themselves yellow or red and explained why they thought they were that color. They were so honest!

I am so glad the conferences are over! Now time to really think about what the third trimester will look like. How will I fit everything in I have not taught yet? One day at a time for sure! Only 56 school days left. Only 1/3 of the school year is left. Where did the time go?


Our 18 month old granddaughter is so adorable. She always makes us smile. She can sit with Poppa or I for over an hour just listening to books. She can tell us what will happen next even before we turn the page! Her mom, dad (our son) and brother live with us too. They use to come downstairs by 7:00 am so Carter (our 6-year-old grandson) can eat breakfast and finish getting ready for 1st grade. They wait until 7:30 so I can’t see them before work. I loved starting my morning off by visiting with them for 15-20 minutes before leaving.

When I get home from work she comes running up to me and says, ” MoMo”. That is my grandmother name since my nickname was Mo when I was younger. I taught her at a young age how to sign for things she wanted. She signs yes, no, please, Thank you, Your welcome, more, bathroom, and popcorn.

I love how she speaks up to her brother when she doesn’t like what he is doing. She puts her hand up in front of him and says “top!” which means stop! Her body language is so adorable. I love spending my free time with her. She entertains me all the time.

Inside My Backpack

For the past few years, I have I carried a purple LL Bean backpack to and from school every day. I always have my school Chrome laptop in it because I hate using the BIG case that came with the it! There are nights I do school work on it and there are nights it does not move from my backpack.

Other things inside my backpack include pens, hand lotion, sanitizer, lip gloss, perfume, tissues, band aids, a copy of a blank report card,  a new book called Fostering Resilient Learners – Strategies for Creating a Trauma – Sensitive Classroom (for a book study), water, mittens, a hat, an extra pair of glasses, trinkets for my classroom store, my classroom keys, an extra lanyard, small bottle of lavender and a mini notebook for notes.

Why do I carry all those things in my backpack? I don’t really use most of them. I think I have the things in there just in case I may need them. Do you have things in your to and from school bag that you don’t really need? What kind of bag do you carry to and from school. I have considered purchasing a Thirty One bag but love having a backpack type bag! Do I really need a bigger bag for school things? Stop and look in your bag today…what do you have it it?

Long Week Coming Up!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a long week of teaching and conferences. It is really hard to schedule 22 conferences with all the right people and have everything workout perfect. Some families need two conferences (mom and dad separate), having to check in with siblings teachers to make sure parents can meet before or after our time, and checking in with others who work with the same child!

My spring conferences are usually more student driven but with two snow days this week, a half day and a workshop day my students did not get all the practice they needed to be able to present their Portfolio. I have made an organizer for them to use and am hoping they will have time to practice on Monday. I want the students to do most if not all of the talking during this conference. They can talk about their own strengths, weaknesses and their smart goals!

We have had 115 school days so far and only have 60 days left. This time of year I always feel stressed over not being able to get everything in. I’m impressed with the students improvement in reading, writing, problem solving, and involvement in our classroom community! I am really proud of where they are compared to where they first started.  They will share fall/spring writing, reading and math growth along with growth in behavioral growth.

What more can I have the students do at the student led conference that will enhance the quality of the conference??

Sesame Street Live

I went to Sesame Street Live with three of my grandchildren and their parents this morning. Before getting in the building, I gave each of the grandchildren $25 for them to spend once we got inside.

Prices.,,$15, $25 and $30. I could not believe the prices of the cheap Sesame Street toys. The $25 I gave them would not get them a snack and a toy. I was thinking I should give them more money each but decided they did not need too many things. It would be good for them to have think about what they really wanted.

My 6 year old grandson decided to get a bottled water, a special cup with snowice and small container of popcorn chicken. When we were leaving, he asked me for a bubble maker for $30. I reminded him he had already spent the money I had given him and I did not have anymore to give him. He then went to his parents to ask. They followed through with the same as I said. I was so happy they did. He did not need any more junk from there. He pouted the first ten minutes because he did not get what he wanted but got over once he saw his I pad!

Why do they charge so much for the cheap toys and the food? I wonder what type of profit they make for each show!


I participated in a workshop today about Mindfulness. This was the first-time I was asked to walk for 5 minutes and to focus only on my breathing and walking. I had a hard time keeping myself from looking all around the library. I wanted to watch the other 16 people walking around the library too. When I finally slowed down and focused on what she had asked us to do, I realized my right 👟 squeaked! I tried walking differently to see if it would stop. It did not. How weird it only happened with my right 👟. Is it the way I walk? That was the first time I ever took the time to focus on nothing around me but my breathing and walking! It was very relaxing. The presenter had us do several other little mindfulness activities that really made me take time for myself. I will try to do an activity or two each and every day to allow myself to relax a little more.