Workout by mcoop1st

sol4:00 a.m. all I can hear is drip, drip, drip from the rain. I loved being under the covers still in bed! Then five minutes later my fitbit buzzes on my left wrist. Time to get up! I battle with the snooze button a couple of times and then decide no more pushing the snooze button! I do my usual morning routine for heading to workout. I run out to turn my car and turn it on then head in to fill  my water bottle. Grab my backpack with my sneakers and other items needed to work out.  Now on to my 5 mile drive! That is not far but there are some mornings it seems far! All the usual were already there working out. They ask where my workout buddy was. Nursing a hamstring pull I tell them. They teased me about why I had not been attending. I had every excuse possible…bad weather, workout partner injured, basketball games or I just didn’t want to wake up that early (most of the days)! Once I started my workout I felt so much better! Stretching, ab work, arm curls and more stretching feels so good! Why do I let my lazy side talk me into staying in bed some days? I love how I feel while I’m working out and after! One BIG goal is to workout every day for the month of March to see if I notice a difference. The month of February I only did a structured workout two days! One more day in March and I will have tied my February count! March is my busiest month of the school year! Classes, conferences, NBPTS work, family, taxes, assessments, workouts…the list goes on!

10 thoughts on “Workout by mcoop1st

  1. You are so good getting up so early and working out! I can’t do it- gotta get mine in after school! I like your goal of working out every day- hopping on that bandwagon, though I may make mine more realistic for me- 5x a week 🙂

  2. I have told myself I would get back into a routine once I got done with coaching but I haven’t had the motivation to do it. I just need to start! Maybe you can make me accountable! 🙂

    • Mmatticek…you can do it! I love seeing those pictures of your kids joining you for exercising! Do a few Brain Breaks with them right at home! Your son surely knows how to get his heart rate going at school!!! I believe in you!!!

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