Students are my day family!

When I first started teaching 30 years ago, I started calling my students my day children! Every new year I share with them my love for my own children at home and what kinds of things we would do for each other to show that we care.  Listening, helping, sharing, caring, giving, working together…the list goes on! The last couple years I started telling my students that they were my day grandchildren and that I would treat them as if they were my grandchildren. I became a grandmother in May  of 2016. My daughter asked me if it was ok if her son called me, “Moe Moe.” She wanted a different name for me. Of course I told her any name would be acceptable. This year I told my class my new grandmother name. One of my adorable little first graders came up to me and said, ” I love you Moe Moe!” Boy did that make my day! I responded with an “I love you too!” She walked away and smiled! That little girl has a way to make me smile! I decided to wear my hair up the other day…which I rarely do and that same little girl came up to me and told me she loved the way I did my hair. She notices everything. I have NOT missed a day of school this year and I contribute that to my firsties! They come to school every day with a smile and love learning! They work hard and try to be the best they can be. I need to do the same for them each and every day! I absolutely love being a day/night grandmother!!!

11 thoughts on “Students are my day family!

  1. I love the term “day children” and now “day grandchildren”. They sure do wiggle their ways into our hearts, don’t they? I know students feel comfortable with me when they accidentally cal me “mom” in their home language.

  2. This is just one of the reasons I admire you so much, Maureen. Your love for your students is so apparent and they truly love you. You teach the whole child and build relationships that last forever. I love that you captured this in your blog post today!!

    • Thank you very much Paula! I know that if we offer a safe and loving environment then the students can and will learn! Who knows what some of their home lives are like! I’m lucky to have the opportunity to make a difference in some of their lives just like they make a difference in my life!

  3. My 4-year-old refers to my students as “your girls” when he talks about them, because he has grown up hearing me talk about “my girls”. One of the best parts of being a teacher is having so many kids come through your life!

  4. Your terms, “day children” and “day grandchildren,” are really sweet. About 16 years ago, I wrote a Tejano song about a 2nd grader in my ESOL class entitled, “Gran Pequena” (Great Little Girl). One verse stated that her dad was my hero for raising such an angel.

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