Dr. Seuss’s B-day Celebration


Teacher of 23 Things!

Bow ties, funny socks, thing 1, thing 2, and thing 24 shirts (I wore #24 because I have 23 little things…students) red and white striped hats, blue hair, pigtails are some of the things that were worn today for Dr. Seuss’s b-day celebration! Green eggs and ham snacks, cat in the hat fruit kabobs and colorful cupcakes were donated from parents to help celebrate the special day. Some students shared their favorite Dr. Seuss book and told us why they liked it! Watching the students faces and listening to their comments while touching OOBLECK was very entertaining. Some of the comments were: it’s a solid, mine is a liquid, it is slimy, it makes my hands feel soft, messy, pink is my favorite color, this is cold, it smells good and many others! It was a FUN day in first grade in Maine!


6 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss’s B-day Celebration

  1. I wish yesterday had been a Gilbert day! Looking at the pictures everyone posted made me so happy! You are bringing so much joy for learning and literacy to your littles!

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