I have always struggled with WEIGHT when I stopped playing sports in college!  I joined Curves a year ago and was attending 4 days a week with a neighbor. We were faithful with going at 4:40 a.m! She pulled her hamstring at the end of January and told me she was out of commission for a while. Guess what I did? Yes…I stopped going to Curves too! Crazy ha? March 1st when I started this writing challenge I told myself I would exercise 4 days a week again with or without my workout partner. One week down and I accomplished the goal! I know the right and wrong things to eat! My will power some days are better than others! I have more energy when I eat healthier and can fit in ALL my smaller clothes. I do hit the snooze button 2 or 3 times every morning. I try to tell myself I won’t do that the next morning but I do! I get so much more done around the house and in the classroom when I exercise and eat healthier! Here is to the beginning of week 2!!!


5 thoughts on “Curves

  1. Congratulaltions for going back. I go to Curves too, but don’t have to go that early since I’m retired. I enjoy those who are there, & that keeps me going, so I do understand how you miss your friend, but it does feel very good to go!

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