Longest 20 minutes!

A month and a half ago my middle child and his girlfriend bought a house right next door to my husband and I. The first week we spent hours over there helping them scrub everything down to get ready to move in. I had only stopped over once after the first week. I decided when I drove into my driveway today that I would stop over to visit them. Thier two fur babies (Dolly and Sadie) were so excited to see me! Before moving in their own home, they had lived with us for a year and a half so the fur babies were use to getting spoiled by me!  I stayed and visited about 15 minutes because they were getting ready to have dinner. When I was leaving the fur babies wanted to go out. Becca, my son’s girlfriend put Sadie on a leash (she was just rescued just before they bought the home) and Dolly was able to go out without a leash. Dolly loved running around the yard and stopped to do her business. I asked Becca why she didn’t let Sadie run loose. She said, “I really don’t trust her yet.”  I said, “Oh, let her run like Dolly, I bet she will love it!” She let Sadie go. Immediately Sadie took off behind the house onto the snowmobile trail. Then I saw her run towards the stream to the right of the house! Becca and I kept hollaring SADIE over and over! No response. My heart was pounding. I felt so bad! Bad thoughts went through my mind. What if she gets hit by a car? What if she falls through some ice? What if we don’t find her and she stays out all night? I walked and walked about a mile looking for her. I had told Becca to wait near the house just in case she went back home. My son Wade had got in his car and drove up the road looking for Sadie. It started getting dark. I could no longer see down the snowmobile trail. I decided to turn around and hoped that Sadie was back home. As I was walking, I kept hollaring her name! All of a sudden, there in front of me was Sadie sitting right on the snowmobile trail! I was so happy! I started towards her and she started running away again. I finally said, “want a treat Sadie?” She stopped again. I was able to step on her leash! Phew! What a relief! I was beyond excited! I couldn’t wait to get her back home. As I was jogging back to the house holding her leash tightly, I slipped on the ice. I fell forward right on my right side of my body! I didn’t care about myself…did I still have Sadie? Yes, I did! I got back up and continued on the path. I made it out of the woods and called my son on my cell phone! I told him I found her! He said, “Oh mom, thank you and I love you!” I waited for a minute or two out front of their house and then he drove up! Becca came running down the road! Everyone was so relieved! Hugs for everyone of course…even Sadie! It was the longest 20 minutes looking for Sadie! We got inside and noticed blood on Sadie’s head. We looked for an injury but could not find one. It ended up being my injury! I had scraped a couple of my fingers on the ice and they were bleeding. My right side of my ribs hurt too! I know I bruised that area. It hurt to breathe in. None of that mattered though! I found Sadie!  I told Becca to please not listen to me in the future! Keep Sadie on a leash from now on!




7 thoughts on “Longest 20 minutes!

  1. I could feel the panic and relief through your writing. Our dog, Rebecca, is a runner and once took off through an electric fence when it snowed. We felt the same exact way. I feel so badly that she is always on her leash, but can’t have it any other way. Boy, I could connect with this post!

  2. How scary Maureen! So glad you found Sadie! Hope you are feeling better too with your fall! It made me laugh when I read your comment to Becca about not listening to you again! 🙂

  3. Oh, Maureen! I’m so glad you were able to find her! I was so nervous reading your writing! Glad it had a happy ending, and one that I could chuckle at too- I believe you’d said those words to me before, too 😉

  4. Oh my, your story made me read fast to get to the end. I imagine you were all in panic mode! I’m glad you got your Sadie back & that you weren’t hurt badly. What a time! My daughter & son-in-law just adopted a new dog months ago & he is still not trusted off the leash. I guess it takes lots of time.

  5. Oh man, you had me riveted with that story! The pace of your writing truly matched the chaos of the moment!! That is so stressful, and literally painful for you!! I’m glad that all ended well. You really ARE superwoman!

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