Why do I do this every time? Why do I start something, do very well at it and then slowly go back to my bad habits? I got weighed and measured today and all the numbers were on the plus side! I always reach for the quick and easy food now! I use to eat mostly organically and very few carbs! My morning coffee had a dash of organic half and half with a spoon ful of honey and cinnamon! I loved the taste. Lately, I have been drinking my coffee with the flavored creamer! I use that because others in the house hold use it! I have had to thow out my creamer because of the expiration date! I use to eat organic spelt english muffins and now I am eating onion flavored bagels! I use to eat a nice BIG healthy spinach salad for lunch with some protein on the top. Now, I bring a sandwich, chips and a cheese stick!  I use to NOT buy cookies! Lately, I have been buying Oreos! One of my students saw me grab a 3 pack of cookies out of my 20 shoe bag snack area and said, “more sugar, not good Mrs. Cooper!”  I think I am going to ask that student to help me out. I am going to talk with her about my choice of snack every day. I think she could be a positive influence on me with her comments! Today I will bring a clementine and ask her what she thinks. I was +2 on the scales today at Curves! I was + inches too! Not very good in a month! I am ready to make some changes starting right now! No more m & m’s at the lunch table with my peers, no more grabbing pieces of candy from the kindergarten teacher and no more flavored creamer after today! I will drink more water! I need to buy some new creamer and have to have it in my coffee! I will start small and work my way up to 90 % eating better! Now I have written about it so I need to follow through!

7 thoughts on “+2!

  1. You’ve got this Maureen! Keep your eyes on the prize-HEALTH. I had a pretty similar experience earlier this week-frustrated, but determined. Too much mindless eating for me, I need to slow down and savor everything that goes in my mouth. (and wish my metabolism wasn’t slowing down!!) Good luck this week. FORWARD!

  2. Small steps is a good idea. There are so many temptations in the teachers’ workroom. I remember well. Stay away! And good luck with new snacks!

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