Non shedding/Hypoallergenic Puppy



In 2008 I was visiting my sister in Westbrook. She told me she had a friend who was selling a puppy (Labradoodle that was hypoallergenic/non shedding) for $50. We went to see the puppy. I fell in love! I called home and told my husband I was bringing home a puppy! He told me we did not need a puppy and asked me to not bring it home. My mother in law was living with us and she had said,” if you bring the dog home then I will move back to my own house!”

We had tried having a dog back in 1986 but found out I was highly allergic to dogs. We had to give the dog back to the owner. Then in 2006, our youngest son had been volunteering at the shelter walking dogs weekly. He fell in love with a yellow lab named Sami. I had gone through five years of allergy shots so that I could go to friends and not have to worry about being able to breathe. He begged us to adopt her. Our son persuaded us to adopt her. We brought her home. She was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina (2005)! She was the sweetest dog. I loved having a dog in the house. The only problem was that she did not like a lot of action in the house. Having three teenagers and their friends coming and going we realized after a year it was not going to work out. She had tried to bite visitors (I will tell more about Sami in another Slice)!

Well, the puppy came home with me and I let my kids name him. They called him Cole because he was so black. What a wonderful pet! He is friendly, loves kids, adults and is very smart. He can shake, speak, sit and a few other tricks. I promised my husband and mother in law that he was  a non shedding/hypoallergenic puppy…but he isn’t! I have to vacuum at least two times per week and constantly wash my hands. I take two allergy pills a day and have to use an inhaler sometimes! I love being a dog owner!


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