1st Birthday

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” » Welsh Proverb

My first baby, had her first baby (Miles) in May of 2016. How do I as a grandparent help my daughter and her husband prepare for their son’s first birthday celebration?  Is it immediate family who attends or do they open it up to their friends and Mile’s daycare friends? I am thinking of purchasing a first swing set/ climbing set for the backyard. What do you think? What would you buy for your first grandchild’s birthday? Any of you who are grandparents…what have you bought that your grandchildren really love? I love buying books so there will be some books from Moe-Moe (My grandmother name my daughter delegated for me). I always buy clothes during the year as he grows so no need to buy for the birthday celebration.


11 thoughts on “1st Birthday

  1. In 18 days my first granddaughter will turn 1! I struggle with this problem as well – wanting to spoil but not too much! I live on a lake so I decided to gift her with some swim wear and fun swim gear.

  2. Always books! Clothes is fun. We plan the big things. Not always a special day. Now it’s times at the coast with all of us together

  3. Of course the first birthday party is more for the family than the baby. Keep it short and simple. Is the baby named Miles or Mile? He looks very sweet in the picture. Whatever you give him he will love.

  4. Books are wonderful presents; they last for years! The idea of a swing set/climbing set is a good one, as long as a baby swing is included….The baby swing will get lots of use now, the rest of the set will get get lots of use in future years! ~JudyK (Grandma to seven)

  5. I just read somewhere, probably on FB, someone had everyone who came to the first birthday wrote the baby a special note that was sealed in envelopes. On the 18th birthday, the girl opened all the letters. It was bitter sweet, because some of those were from loved ones no longer with them, but I thought it was a neat idea.

  6. My grandchildren are 15, 7 & 5. For the first birthday I do give books, but I give them books all the time, too. I think for at least one of them I bought a set of blocks. For another, I bought a wooden wagon. When they begin walking, they can put things in it, but this one had a square handle and they could push it, too. It was used a lot at the toddler stage. The swing set may not be needed for a while. What ever you do it will be wonderful!

  7. I gave my great nephew a little outfit, just because it was cute. A book because I always give a book (my niece requested a book instead of a card, too). And a small (emphasis on small, so as not to go overboard) amount of cash to go in his college fund.

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