Mother- In- Law

1204161436_hdr.jpgMy mother-in-law helped me pick out my wedding gown and asked me if she could pay for it. She told me since she only had sons, she would love to do something for her future daughter-in-law! She always prepared 2-3 meals a week for my young family. I would pick up the meals every Monday and Wednesday nights. She would make meals like: Sheppard’s pie, meatloaf with mashed potatoes,  homemade macaroni and cheese, boiled dinner…lots of other yummy meals!  She would always invite us over for Sunday dinner too! The money my husband and I saved by not having to buy as many groceries we were able to use on clothes, activities for the kids and bills. I grew up playing sports and never did any house cleaning or cooking. Whenever I had questions about those things, I would call her! She loved helping me out. She moved in with my husband and I in 2005, a year after her husband passed away. She would always cook, clean and take care of the pets while we were at work.  She is now 85 soon to be 86. She no longer can do all those things. Our youngest son moved back in with us with his girlfriend and her five-year old little boy to try to get ahead since his she was expecting his child. My son and his girlfriend help my mother-in-law when we are away from the home. All of us work together to make sure she has what she needs. She continues to be a help by paying for groceries a few times per month. I have tried saying no several times and she lets me know she always helped out with the meals before and she wants to continue! What an amazing woman she is! She has taught me unconditional love for sure! I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful woman in my life!


12 thoughts on “Mother- In- Law

  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law. I try my best to be an exemplary mother-in-law myself and hope when I’m that age, my daughters-in-law have half as many kind things to say. You got a winner and obviously, she did, too!

  2. How amazing! I was just talking to my coworkers the other day about how no one seems to like their mother in laws. My mother in law to be has been great to me, but everyone says “just wait – they change!”. I’m glad to hear that’s not always the case. She must feel blessed to have you as well!

  3. This is an honest and beautiful ode to your mother-in-law. I find myself asking my mother-in-law questions about lots of things too. What a blessing (for all of you) to be surrounded by so much love in your house.

  4. Your family sounds like a truly loving family. You are a lucky woman! I had a wonderful mother-in-law too & thought everyone did, but learned it is not always so. It’s a lovely tribute. I hope you share this with her!

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