Student Led Conferences

Sometimes I take on more than I can handle in the classroom. I decided that this year I was going to try Student Led Conferences(SLD). My principal didn’t tell me I had to do them!  I didn’t decide to do  SLCs until the beginning of March! Anyone who knows me…knows once I get something on my mind I go for it! Sometimes I don’t think it all the way through before starting! I will make the most of it because I love researching! I have found several resources that have helped guide me so far!

Every year I have the students collect some of their best work in their portfolios and I share it at conferences! Why am I sharing it? Why not the student? I believe it will be more powerful for the student to be able to talk about what they notice about their different pieces of work they have collected. They will be doing some comparing and contrasting from the beginning of the school year to now. They will share some of their favorite things about 1st grade. They will share a few of their goals for reading, writing and math!

Each year I try to help each student progress socially, emotionally and academically, so what does that look like at a student led conference? How do the students show growth socially and emotionally?  They have plenty of evidence of their academic growth! Conferences are next week so I think the student will share the progress in academics and I will share some information about social and emotional growth for them! Why not work smarter and not harder by letting the students do the work at conferences!! Right???


8 thoughts on “Student Led Conferences

    • I go back and forth on having the students actually go to stations in the classroom and have the parent watch them or share what they have in their portfolio that they have already sticky noted with what they noticed about their work. Sometimes I try to do too many things! I would love any resources you have to make it easier for the student and myself!

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