Defrosting the Freezer

Yesterday before heading off to a workshop, I cleaned out our extra freezer with all the food and put it out on the front porch (it was about 20 degrees here in Maine) in trash bags so I could defrost it. When I arrived home later, I asked my husband to please put the food back in the freezer since it was all defrosted. Today when I went to grab some bacon from the extra freezer, I saw that the trash bags that I put on the front porch with the food in them were back in the freezer just as I had packed them. When I asked my husband to put the food back in the freezer, I assumed he knew to take the food out of the trash bags before putting them in the freezer! NOPE! How often have you asked your husband/wife to do something and they don’t do it the way you thought they should? I now know I better give specific directions about taking the food out of the bags before putting them back in the freezer from now on.

I remember another story from my 1st grade classroom that was very funny too! I have the students share a guessing box during snack time. The rules are one student finds something from home that fits in the guessing box and writes three clues on an index card so they can read them in class for someone else to guess what is inside the box. Then that person brings the box home to do the same thing. Well, the box we were using wasn’t doing very well so I had asked the students to be on the look out at home for a new guessing box for us. About a week later, I noticed a student had a pint of ice cream on his desk. When I walked over to look in it, it had melted ice cream in it. I looked at him and said, ” that is not a snack we bring to school, please dump it in the sink and throw the box away!” He then went into the bathroom to dump the ice cream out. He came out with just the box. I told him a second time to please throw the box away. He said to me, ” Mrs. Cooper, this is the box for our new guessing box!” I had never given that a thought! Boy did I feel bad! I let him know what a great idea he had so he should make sure the box gets dried out good. He went off smiling! I thought he brought the ice cream for a snack. He didn’t care about the ice cream at all.


10 thoughts on “Defrosting the Freezer

  1. awww to the ice cream box story! and I feel-ya on the “what were you thinking story” — this week i was observing a class of a teacher to give him some notes. My work-wife called that class looking for me because she thought I was just babysitting his class. — i was like “Why would I have someone babysit my class.. just so I could babysit someone else’s class?”

  2. First graders are mighty cute. And I’ve had to get to the point (still working on it, actually) where I know that my husband is going to “mess up”, which somehow makes me not care at all.

  3. You really pay attention to those connections in life. At first those stories don’t seem to have anything in common, but when you look more closely, they do. We often don’t know how people interpret our words until things like this happen! Funny!

    • The trash bags of stuff won’t be hurt, but sometimes expectations do go south. I loved the ice cream box story, WITH the ice cream still in it. It was a fun idea, but wouldn’t you expect he would have cleaned it out? So funny!

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