Flexible Seating

I have 2 …20 inch stools, 4…. 14 inch stools, 2 yoga mat seats, 14 scoop rockers, 20 fit balls(like yoga ball seats but with legs to keep them balanced), 4 benches,6 soft circle shaped soccer ball patterned mats,  6 buckets, and 6 crates. I use a number system in my classroom to help understand even and odd numbers. Every student is given a class number alphabetically. Everything in the room has numbers on them instead of names that way I can reuse everything year after year. Today was the 20th (even #) so my even numbers got to choose what seat they wanted to use for the morning and then my odd numbers could choose after. Once the students come in from noon  recess, I then switch it around…odd numbered students choose first then the even-numbered students! The only thing I have a hard time with is remembering who chose what seat. I told them they can’t choose the same seat two days in a row so others can have a chance with the different seating. Do you have flexible seating? If so, how do you decide who gets what and when? I’m looking for an easier way to decide the seating. I love seeing them working all around the room on the floor! I have seen students who can stay on task longer. I bought some of the seating myself, got a grant through FAME for seating and got some through Donorschoose.org projects! I am thinking about getting rid of a couple of my tables. What do you think? I don’t need all the students sitting at their tables. I was thinking about putting two of the tables down the lowest they can go to the floor that way the students could choose to kneel on carpet squares if they want. What would you do if you had the seating I have?


10 thoughts on “Flexible Seating

  1. I can’t visualize the seats. I taught middle school aged kids in a self-contained classroom. We had lots of work space for big projects, a living area, and each had their own space, never changing. Sometimes mid-year with student input we changed everything just to make it different. I guess my one suggestion is the ask the students their ideas. And good luck. It can always be changed again.

  2. I subbed in a room with flexible seating – and it was very tough! The teacher had some yoga balls and little stools AND the kids could sit wherever they wanted (which meant, most went next to chatty friends)! I like the idea for classroom environment BUT it can be very tough for a sub.

  3. You seem to have seats for more than 50 students- hopefully you do not have that many students. I have some flexible seating too, but not as much. Two of my tables are so low that students sit on the floor at them. I also have two standing desks, cushions, a small yoga ball (I had a big one too, but somebody popped it). I let them choose their seats as they come in each morning and they know that there have to be girls and boys at every table. It seems to work out.

  4. I think teachers in my school might like to try flexible seating- most teachers do have times throughout the day when things are moved around or students find different places to sit, but the seats themselves are mostly just chairs- very mismatched in most rooms.

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