Here it is 9:05 p.m. and I am exhausted! I left for work around 7:15 a.m. for a couple student-led-conferences before school started. Then went through a whole day with very active 6-7 year olds! I was so excited my first conference after school wanted to start a little early. Once the conference had started I then realized why I shouldn’t have scheduled it before 3:20 p.m….the school intercom!!! They were still calling for students! I had already pushed record on my Swivl so that the parent/student could have a video of the student- led- conference! What great evidence of the student’s first grade learning! I felt bad there were at least three different announcements on this little girl’s video! Hopefully I can learn how to go back and edit the video. Do you have any experience with editing on Swivl.com videos?  The Swivl was one of the best $400 I have ever spent. I pop my mini i pad onto the Swivl and hit record. The Swivl tracks the person/people near the portable microphone. It is an amazing tool for the teacher and students to learn from. I had two students offer to share their video with the class so their peers could watch and give them input about how they did. I started it with…” ______(Student name), I noticed you were thinking out loud so your mom would know what strategy you used to add the three dice together. Great job!” Then five or six other students raised their hands to offer positive. feedback the same way I did. It was amazing to hear my students notice things that their classmates did well on video. It was a very powerful reflection time for sure! The rest of the students who need to do their student-led-conferences later this week have seen it in action so now they feel comfortable with the expectation!


5 thoughts on “TIRED

  1. I’m impressed with how much you do for these conferences. Good luck with the recording. Maybe if you asked your colleagures?

  2. Yahoo! I am glad your conferences have started well. When I have done Student Led Conferences there are several going on at the same time, so recording is not practical. Hmm, a Swivl sounds like something I might want to won, though.

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