My mother turned gray around 45 years old! Once she decided to stop coloring her hair…it became a beautiful silvery color! Even though it was gray, it did not make her look older. I started noticing gray in my 40’s also. I have to color my hair every 6 weeks or my roots become very visible. I should have colored my hair last weekend, just before conferences but life has been so busy getting ready for student-led-conferences. I had two other staff members tell me today that they thought conferences were for the teacher and parent only. They said it is a time to talk about the student without them being there. All my parents know how to contact me if they thought there was a problem. I believe spring conferences should be about the student sharing work they have collected to show growth throughout the year. The students and I always talk about their strengths and weaknesses in class so when they share they know what to talk about. I am about 3/4 of the way done with the conferences and feel they have been going very well. I have enjoyed watching the student do most of the talking! I didn’t get home until 7:30 p.m. tonight because I had to stop and pick up some coloring. I rarely have the time or money to have someone else do my hair. I finally finished coloring my hair by 9:20 p.m then ate dinner. Here I am at 10:39 p.m. trying to finish up this slice! I am so exhausted. One more day of conferences and then I will be all done. I am looking forward to sending home a survey about what my parents thought about student-led-conferences. I will have my students give me their thoughts about having to do the talking and sharing. I am now ready to head to bed. I am glad I had the time to color my hair! I feel better about they way my hair looks! Do you have to color your hair? If so, how often?


7 thoughts on “Color

  1. We have done student led conferences in the spring for years. I would say that we have more valuable conversations with the students there. It is so powerful for students to hear that their parents and their teachers are both wanting the same for them out of their school experience: to learn how to learn.

  2. No coloring, now gray, but I think I’m way older! I went through a time when I bleached my hair and went very blonde. It was fun, but I tired of the doing. As for the conferences, I support you. My school k-8 has done student-led conferences for years, & the kids grow & take charge of their learning in that way & so many others. Keep on doing what you know is going well! And get some sleep! One more day!

    • I know how important it is to cover up those roots. I am gray with a brunette cap so I envy those folks with a full head of silvery gray, thick hair. I found a nice, inexpensive hairdresser in a little shop — no salon atmosphere. I see her about every 5 weeks. In between I use an $8 root touch up kit.

  3. I am hopeful that you get such positive feedback to share with your colleagues that they will be curious about student-led conferences too! I am lucky. While I get highlights or low lights twice a year (just in the spring), I don’t have to color my hair. I didn’t notice my first gray hair until about 35, but it was literally just one for about a decade. Now that I have more, they are in odd places, like a small patch in the front right corner of my head – at my hair line. Or in the back. But not at the roots yet. It will come, based on my mom’s history. But I know that I am lucky with medium brown hair and nothing to color regularly.

  4. Good for you on your conferences.

    As for hair coloring, I did mine for a long time. I also watched as my mother did hers for YEARS. Our gray started very young. My mom was still having her hair colored until she was around 80! She went to the beauty shop to get her hair styled very week and colored about every 6 weeks. I never had time or money to do that, and I hated the time and mess of coloring it myself. I gave it up. My hair is white. I get compliments. Sometimes I feel a little old…but that’s ok. I am almost 65, after all.

  5. I stopped coloring my hair about 6 years ago. I got tired of my hair growing so fast that I couldn’t keep up with the roots. I am so happy that I gave it up. Student led conferences are the only way to go.

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