Uniforms for Work?

There are some days when I wake up and wished we had uniforms to wear to work. I have a hard time picking out clothes every day. It does add some stress to my day. I think about nurses, doctors, police officers…ect. They don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on their own clothes. I am a first grade teacher so I spend a lot of time on the floor or down on one knee so that I can talk with the students eye to eye. Most of my pants are worn out in the knees because of this. Somedays I get chalk, whiteboard marker, paint, and other things on my chalk. I often wonder what I would choose if I could for a uniform. I would like the choice of pants, skirts or longer shorts (tan, navy or black), leggings (navy  or black) and long sleeve/short sleeve collared white/navy/black. What do you think about possibly wearing a uniform to teach/work in?

When my own three children were younger, they went to a school that they had to wear uniforms. They had no problem making sure their clothes were picked out ready to go.  All the students at the school looked somewhat alike. I loved that the school had a recycle program right at the school. You could turn in a few items and in exchange take a few items. This kept the cost down for families. I had the initial investment every year but then if my child grew a lot that year, I was able to exchange some of the items at the recycle shop in the school.

I asked one student today in my classroom if she would like to wear a uniform to school every day. She said, “no, I like choosing what I want to wear!” I then asked her mother who happens to be a teacher at my school the same question. She said, “no, I like picking out my clothes I want to wear!”

Overall, I think I would like to try having a school uniform to see how it goes. Do you know of any public school that wear uniforms?


10 thoughts on “Uniforms for Work?

  1. My district has uniforms, K-12. Most students, if asked, would rather not have uniforms. Parents have mixed opinions. The “uniform” is a knit shirt with collar- originally, red, white, navy, light blue, or school colors, now any color- and black, navy or tan pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers. No jeans. Sweaters must be solid colors. Belts required for 3-12 with shirts tucked in. Any type of shoes, except no sandals or flip-flops. At first, some teachers dressed the same, but not many do now. I do not really want to have teacher uniforms.

  2. You get chalk on your chalk?! Hehehe you must be tried from such a busy week 😉
    I agree, some days I would love to have a uniform to wear- others, I do like to choose. However, wouldnt it be nice if the school gave us a budget for clothes? 🙂

  3. Ha, I wouldn’t want the uniforms, but we dressed very casually at my school, so no problem with choosing. I wore mostly jeans and a shirt, sweater if needed. I was tickled by your post, though, think those smock-like things that nurses wear look very comfortable. I wonder what they think of them?

  4. I teach at a school with student uniforms and often wish we had an adult one too! I agree- a pain to pick out clothes. I would go for some variation of chinos and a polo shirt. Good topic choice.

  5. There are positives and negatives to wearing a uniform I think. I would love that mornings wouldn’t be so stressful if I knew what I HAD to wear. However, we teach students to be who they are and that we are all different. If we wore uniforms, I feel like that message wouldn’t be as powerful. 🙂

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