Decorah Iowa Eagles (2 Nests)


We started following this first nest about the middle of February…Decorah Iowa Eagles

Egg #1: 2/20/17 @ 7:30 PM. Video here!

Egg #2: 2/23/17 @ 6:18 PM. Video here!

Egg #3: 2/27/17 @ 7:03 PM. Video here!

We just started following this set of eagles. The second nest in Decorah, Iowa is the Decorah North Eagles…Decorah North Eagles

Egg #1: 2/19/17 @ 5:53 PM CT

Egg #2: 2/22/17 @ 3:09 PM CT

Egg #3: 2/25/17 @ 5:12 PM CT

I truly have loved sharing the websites of the two different Bald Eagle nests in Decorah, Iowa with my students. We always take time during our snack break at 10:00 a.m. to see what is happening with them. Both sets of eagles have 3 eggs they are waiting on to hatch. It has been over a month since the eggs were laid.  Both sets of eagles so they should be hatching soon!

They have a great tutorial on you tube about how to tell the difference between mom and dad eagle. It has made a difference with my students. Here is the tutorial video…How to tell the difference between mom and dad eagle.  My students are always coming into the classroom with a new fact they learned about eagles at home.

  • Some Eagle Facts:
  • Both mom and dad take turns sitting on the eggs
  • Mom is larger than dad eagle
  • Dad looks like he is wearing eye liner
  • Young bald eagles are not bald
  • Only found in North America
  • Bald eagle nests are 2-4 feet deep and 4-5 feet wide.
  • Bald Eagles don’t sweat…so they need to use other ways to stay cool like panting, staying in the shade or holding their wings away from their body
  • Their talons are important for hunting and fishing
  • The beak and talons grow continuously, because they are made of keratin, the same substance as our hair and fingernails
  • The beak of a female eagle is deeper (distance from top to chin) than the beak of a male
  • The bald eagle is the only eagle confined to North America
  • The average bald eagle lives for about 15-20 years but it is possible for some to live over 30 years old

Website to find Eagle facts


7 thoughts on “Decorah Iowa Eagles (2 Nests)

  1. This is so fascinating! I wanted to bring the mom some ice chips as she was laying those eggs. I’ve spent most of my afternoon just watching eagles. So cool. Thanks for sharing!

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