Family 2 (PETS)

I believe in my last slice I left off on describing Cole my Labradoodle!

Cole … He will be years old on April 15th. Our second pet! My sister knew of someone who wanted to sell a labradoodle puppy! 9 years later and he is a favorite in the house! Cole has had 3 really big surgeries. He tore his ACL on both knees. The first knee that got repaired was done by a local vet. He never was able to use it right so I pursued a second opinion from an orthopedic vet. Cole had both knees done within one year. His procedure was called…Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), involves making a curved cut (domed osteotomy) in the tibia, rotating the top (plateau) to a more ‘level’ position and stabilizing the rotation with a specially designed plate and screws.  This is a force neutralization procedure and does not stabilize the knee in the same way as Extracapsular Stabilization.  The return to function is generally quicker with TPLO, with slower progression of osteoarthritis. The first surgery from the local vet cost around $2100. The two surgeries from the orthopedic doctor cost over $4000 each. I never thought I would spend over $10,000 on a pet!!!

Izzy (Princess was her name when I was dog sitting for her)…Izzy was not planned. Back in 2008 my daughter’s high school friend asked me if I could dog sit for her. She then told me her father did not want the dog back in the house and she needed to find a home for her. All of us kept asking people if they wanted a schnoodle. We had no luck finding a different home for her. After a couple of weeks, I told her we would keep her. She is now my dog! We decided her name would be Izzy because we did not like Princess. Izzy is the top dog in the house. She has some control issues and wants me all to herself. When I walk in the door she tries to always be first to greet me.

Joe...the kitten we got from the soccer game. Our first pet! He loves to be outdoors. He really should have been a barn cat. He finds mice all the time. Within the first year of having him he did not come home for 3 days. We looked everywhere for him and could not find him. Then he showed up at the door. He had been hit by a car.  He had to have surgery and cost us over $1000.

We have other pets in the home too. Two cats (Ralph and Olpe) live upstairs with my son and his girlfriend, one rabbit (Bun Bun) and another dog (Edward) who hangs out with my two dogs. Then there is Camden who hangs out with Edward and the other dogs. She belongs to my niece Kaylee who lives in the RV in driveway. She has two cats ( I feed them on weekends when she goes away… Jack and Soleil).

5 thoughts on “Family 2 (PETS)

  1. We all have such wonderful and also interesting stories about our pets! You’ve had a lot going on these years!

  2. Boy, you are animal lovers! It is hard when pets need expensive procedures. One of my cats died of congestive heart failure and beforehand needed emergency oxygen treatment, medicine, etc.

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