FAMILY…Where life begins and love never ends!

bruce on motorcycle

Bruce…my husband of 30 years, my best friend, the father to our three kids, teacher, coach and grandfather! He loves being on a motorcycle and traveling! He is patient, caring, loving, responsible and is the rock for our family.

cass todd milesCassandra…my only daughter, wife of Todd, mother of Miles, full-time business woman, homeowner, mother of 3 furry dogs (Noah, Simba and Reese). She is beautiful, outgoing, tall, caring, athletic, holistic, goal oriented and smart!

wade becca and dolly

Wade, Becca and Dolly!

sadie and dolly

Sadie and Dolly!

Wade…my oldest son, boyfriend to Becca, father of 2 furry dogs (Dolly and Sadie), homeowner, works with adults with disabilities, handsome, tall, easy-going, kind, tall, helpful, and thoughtful.

walk ging car and ariWalker…my youngest son, boyfriend to Ginger, father of Ariana, daddy figure for Carter, father of one dog, 2 cats and a rabbit,
hard-working, student of heating and air conditioning, anxious, tall, truck owner, and athletic.

gramLorene…my mother in law, grandmother to my kids, lives with us, 85 years old, loving, sweet, friendly, strong, welcoming, supportive, and thankful.

kaylee and devin

Kaylee and Devin!

Kaylee…my niece, girlfriend to Devin, lives in RV in my driveway (lost her father to cancer recently so hanging with us), chiropractor, mother to one dog and two cats, and loves learning new things!

cole izzy and me 2

Cole and Izzy with me!

JoeCole, Izzy and Joe…they are our pets! I am allergic to animals and was able to hold off having pets while the children were younger. When my youngest son was in 8th grade he scored a hat trick in soccer and convinced me to take a kitten home from the soccer field. A woman brought a whole litter of kittens to the game and was giving them away. Shame on her! I agreed to take the kitten home to see how she was with my allergies (we thought she was a she). I made sure to take the ladies phone number just in case I needed to give her back.  I ended up going through 5 years of allergy shots for my youngest son so he could have a cat! I am now on two other meds…singular and generic zyrtec just so we can have pets! I then researched hypoallergenic dogs! The labradoodle came up…to be continued on tomorrow’s post!!!

8 thoughts on “FAMILY…Where life begins and love never ends!

  1. Maureen you forgot YOU! You are so loving, kind, tall (hehehe), wonderful, thoughtful, selfless…the list is endless! You provide so much love and care to your family- you make your house a home to all!

    • AW! Thank you Jenna! I have had some good role models in life…hopefully I am one for you along with your parents so that some day you will be doing the same with your family!!!

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