Fun Fridays 1

I always look forward to my FUN Fridays at school because our routines are different from Monday-Thursday. Here are some of the things the students get to do:

On Fridays they get to choose where they sit in the room when at our whole group meetings. Usually, I have half of the class sit on benches/yoga balls/stools and the other half sit on scoop rockers on the mat (Even and Odd numbers).  They love being able to choose who they sit next to and where they sit. They know that if I hear any arguing about where they are sitting then I go right back to the assigned seating. Most of the time they are good with choosing with no arguing!


Fidget Toys

On Fridays they get to have a bigger fidget toy right at the table and use it when they need it. All of them have a boink in their pencil bag that they use Monday-Thursday but on Fridays they have bendy men, rice balls, play dough, squishy balls…etc to choose from! They love being able to choose which one they want to use!



On Fridays they have Flashlight reading. They get to read their Scholastic news using a flashlight and get to lay/sit anywhere in the room with a partner! They love it when I turn the lights off!

On Fridays they have Fluency time with songs and poems! They have a binder with different songs/poems and can practice reading/singing with a partner or by themself. I walk around and listen to what it sounds like. I then share the classroom microphones with those that want to sing/read in front of the class. Most of the students want to share!


Class microphones

On Fridays they get to shop in our classroom store! They earn play money during the week for things they do in the classroom. It is a great way for them to be rewarded for being safe, responsible and respectful! They get to count their money with a volunteer and shop for trinkets in the store. There are items like bouncy balls, bracelets, rings, toy cars, individual packs of snack items (low-income school so I have many that love to buy the snacks), mini writing notebooks, pens and several other items!


Cooper Class Store

                                                I will continue this slice tomorrow!!!

                                                                          Fun Fridays 2

5 thoughts on “Fun Fridays 1

  1. I love hearing about the sharing of their songs and poems, and microphones, wow! They must love that! All I can say is HAPPY FRIDAY!

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