Fun Fridays 2

I had to continue my fun Friday slice because I only sliced half of my day. After lunch and recess the students come into the classroom and put their outside things away. They immediately work together with others at their table to clean it off for computer time. They move their pencil bags and morning baskets to the classroom benches. I walk around with a wipe for each one to wipe down their own space before using the computer. They then dry their space with windshield wipers (their arms going back and forth without touching the table!) They love doing that! They put their headphones at their table and then meet me at the Smartboard area! Most of the time our routine is:

  • 15 minutes of Listening to Reading (Epic, Tumblebooks or Book Flix)
  • 15 minutes of math time (IXL, Happy Numbers or Moby Max)
  • 15 minutes of Brain Pop Jr activity that is always curriculum related (Ex: Science…Space)
  • 10 minutes of a quick write on (they love to print their quick write so they can illustrate it and take it home)
  • 5-10 minutes of FREE choice (They love Teach Your Monster to Read, or PBS kids)

They then clean up to get ready for Drawing Workshop. We do Writing Workshop Monday-Thursday so Fridays are a great time for them to be creative with their drawing! Some ask for Art for kids Hub . This year my students have done Johnny Appleseed, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, a snowman, The Cat in the Hat, and a bald eagle.

Fun Fridays are for the students to have choices because I structure their Mondays-Thursdays with things I want them to do! Kids love to have choices! I do individual assessments on Fridays also during these activities! Fridays are the best day of the week for me!


5 thoughts on “Fun Fridays 2

  1. It does sound like a ‘best day’ with choices all through the day, but you are a busy teacher, and I imagine you’re always ready for the weekend, too! Hope to see you on Tuesdays! Congratulations for writing this March!

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