Slice of Life Writing, Dr. Seuss, Parent Conferences and the longest month of the school year (no holidays) all come to mind when thinking about March! Where did the school year go?

Writing…I actually do enjoy stopping and reflecting, but always wonder how I will fit it in to my already busy schedule! Thank you Paula, Jenna and Meg for slicing with me!!

My classroom theme is Dr. Seuss and I look forward to the first week of March so I can wear all my Dr. Seuss clothing I have bought throughout the years and can read lots of his books continuously throughout the week!

Parent Conferences…I love to do Student, Parent and Teacher conferences because all three parts are very important into the growth of each individual child! I love to have the student share their own strengths and weaknesses! It is powerful when the student gets to talk about themselves! How do I get everything organized before the third week? Teamwork with the students of course!!

Oh ya, I also have two beautiful grandchildren I get to spend time with M, W and F after school  while their parents work! This is my favorite time of the week!!!




4 thoughts on “March

  1. I can’t wait to read some slices about those beautiful grandbabies. You have got to be the most amazing grandmother…you have such energy for other people’s kids- it must be incredible for your own flesh and blood! I’m so glad you are taking part in the slice again this year, Maureen…you inspire me!

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