Basketball in Maine Part 1 of 3

During February vacation I worked 48 basketball games checking in teams and referees for the state tournament. I grew up playing sports with my 3 brothers and played sports in high school, college and even played a year of basketball in Germany after graduating college!

My high school team was not very successful. We had a different coach each of my three years (back in the late 70’s, 9th grade was still in the Jr. high building). My success on the court came during the summertime. I loved putting in 4-5 hours daily working on my dribbling, foul shooting, foot work and shooting. I I’m lined a summer league with other players who loved working on their skills too! The summer going into my senior year, I was one of ten girls chosen from Maine to travel to Taiwan and Hawaii just to play 🏀!! My hard work paid off!! I finally got a chance to play with and against other hard working players! I had never left the state of Maine before this!!


2 thoughts on “Basketball in Maine Part 1 of 3

  1. You have certainly made the most of your experiences in life Maureen. You bring that work ethic to everything you do. Wish I could’ve seen you play ball-I can imagine, though.

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