Maine Basketball Part 3 of 3

After having a great career playing basketball at the University of Southern Maine, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to give up playing. My coach, Doc Costello had asked me to consider playing overseas. He had a contact in Dorsten, West Germany. I couldn’t believe I was considering leaving Maine, which I had only done once during high school and with my college team. I had never left the state with my family. My fiance (now husband of 31 years), joined me. I was not so nervous knowing he was going to be with me.

BG Dorsten was the name of my team. I was the only american on the team. They paid for everything for me and gave me a vehicle to use while I was there. I was able to travel different places including Paris and Berlin while there. I got paid to coach three youth teams of different ages. I had to model each and every drill for the players because I had not learned how to speak German. I knew some words but not how to speak in full sentences.

I have a full scrapbook of articles from playing in Germany that were written about my team’s basketball games but have never had someone read them to me. I saw my name often in them. I wonder what those articles said! I will have to try and find someone who can read German to translate them for me! I will have to put that on my bucket list of things to do!

Basketball in Maine has been rewarding for myself and people around me! Here I am sitting at the Maine Class D State Basketball finals at the Augusta Civic Center and the Southern Aroostook girls just won the gold ball! It brought back so many wonderful memories of my husband’s high school teams winning several gold balls and my daughter’s high school teams winning two gold balls!


2 thoughts on “Maine Basketball Part 3 of 3

  1. Maureen, I wish I could have seen you play basketball! And what an amazing opportunity to play in Germany!! Cherish those memories! I hope that you do seek out someone to read those articles to you as well!

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