On January 7th, my husband and I decided we were going to start fasting for our health. Both of us were considered obese when we looked at the Height/Weight charts and did not like the way we were eating and feeling. I would start my morning off with a white bagel and coffee (with that sugary processed french vanilla creamer), eat a sandwich, chips and cookies for lunch then have pasta or fried foods for dinner. We would sit down at night just before bed with a big bowl of ice cream at least 5 nights per week. We would add in some cookies occasionally also. Everything we ate was high in carbs and sugar! We loved carbs and sugar!

I had purchased the book and CD called the Obesity Code by Jason Fung and read it cover to cover before starting. That window of eating was going to be eating a Ketogenic Diet (Low Carb, Medium proteins and high fat). My husband and I went to another couple’s home to see what they had in the kitchen for a Ketogenic Diet. I have joined several podcasts regarding Fasting and Keto eating and love listening to them at bedtime.

The first few days we did experience what they called the Keto flu. We felt light-headed and had some cramping. We were not hungry at all. Once we added more salt to our liquids we were fine. We have never had a problem since then.

It is now March 4th and I have lost 24 pounds and tons of inches. I have more energy than ever and do not have an issue with thinking about unhealthy foods anymore. I crave celery with humus or with almond butter (YUM)! My husband has lost 30 pounds, cooks dinner with me now and actually is making a dent on the to do list I have had for him since we moved in this house 18 years ago! Both of us love how we feel eating the way we are! Carbs and sugar do make a difference in our lives. We will never go back to the way we were eating!

24 thoughts on “Fasting/Ketogenic

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I will be tweaking my diet, too, having experienced similar results several years ago after giving up “white stuff” (bread, rice, flour). More veggies is definitely the ticket to good health! Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  2. You are such an energetic and passionate person, taking care of that body so you can keep doing all the great stuff you do is important. Keep it up-you are an inspiration.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful how healthy choices and simple changes can be so life changing? You and your husband are to be commended for this new approach to life. I hope the world is wonderfully welcoming the new you too.

  4. We started the Keto Journey at our house on January 7th as well! I’m amazed at the progress as well as how much energy I have gained as well. 20 pounds down, and I don’t plan on stopping! Congratulations on your progress! Keep going!

  5. Congratulations! How motivating to see these great results. You have exactly the right perspective: a new lifestyle. So many times we tell ourselves that we will try this new thing for a while to lose some weight rather than choosing to change our lifestyles to improve our health.

  6. This is such a compelling post. I would like to find out more about this and you have shared some keywords and search terms to help me out. Thank you and congrats!

  7. Your title caught me instantly and I am so thankful this is catching on! My husband discovered keto when he was recovery from a brain tumor. He credits his change in diet alone for how he is still alive today. Funny that at the time, his doctors told him that diet didn’t matter! So glad he didn’t listen. Your post gives me such great hope that this is a movement that will sweep our nation. Now if we could just ban spicy Cheetos and Takis from our school cafeterias!

  8. My husband and I starting eating KETO in October when we found out our fertility problems stemmed from me having PCOS. It’s a challenge but worth the results. Best of luck to both of you.

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