Lots of Energy Now

The food I was eating was making me tired and I had no energy. The carbs and sugar were like drugs for me. I had to have them. I found myself grabbing chocolate, cookies or chips just because. I really was not hungry. I would buy take out at least two times per week. I ate a tootsie pop or two while driving home nightly!

I can honestly say that since starting a Fasting routine and eating a Ketogenic Diet (Jan. 8th, 2018) it has given me more energy than I could have ever imagined! I do not miss the carbs and the sugar! I am able work through lunch at school, I have organized things around the house and love to spend time cooking healthy meals.

I am more thorough with my planning for my students and feel I have more energy for my six and seven year olds in the classroom. I always do the Brain Breaks with them now! I use to walk around and praise them during them.

My drawers in my bedroom are cleaned out and organized. I know exactly where things are! My closet still needs some work but that is because I am starting to switch from winter clothes to spring. I will get them done in the next week or so!

I enjoy thinking about what I am going to make for dinner for my husband and I. My husband has joined me with the Fasting/Ketogenic Diet and he now will cook with me nightly. He use to sit in his recliner and most often fall asleep before dinner. He had no energy. Chicken_Garlic_1200xOur favorite dinner is Cauliflower Crust pizza with lots of cheese, veggies and meat. Most of the time, we order our crusts on line because they are lower in carbs. We have made fathead pizza crusts that only uses four ingredients. Our favorite appetizer is celery with humus or almond butter!! For dessert we love eating artisanal dark chocolate that’s low carb and completely sugar free. It has sea salt, premium cocoa beans, and a monk fruit fiber blend.

Changing the way we ate has made a huge difference in our lives! The energy my husband and I have now is amazing.




One thought on “Lots of Energy Now

  1. I like the way your energy comes through your punctuation as well as your words. I’m glad that this has made you feel so happy. I do hope you won’t work through every school lunch, though 🙂 Good luck!

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