I got the call last night that there would be NO SCHOOL Thursday. When going to bed, I shut my alarm off and decided I would sleep in. I didn’t wake up until 9:00 am., when I heard my 18 month old granddaughter crying at the bottom of the stairs. She wanted Momo! She calls me Momo! I couldn’t wait to get dressed and go to her. As soon as she saw me, she stopped crying. I immediately asked her if she wanted to read books. She took her right hand and said yes in sign language. She had a big smile on her face. We sat down for at least 30 minutes and just read. Her brother who is in first grade, was setting up Ninja Turtle Monopoly. He couldn’t wait to ask his mom, Poppa and his soon to be step father to play with him. As soon as the three of them came in from snowblowing, he ran right to them and asked them to play. Of course, they did. They played for a couple of hours. My granddaughter and I played house, did some writing on the whiteboard and read some more books.

It was finally time for lunch. Everyone ate different lunches…homemade chili, tuna wraps and salad. I made Keto Brownies once lunch was over while the grandkids took naps. What a relaxing Snowday!!


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