When my own children started asking if we could get a pet, I always said no because I have allergies to them.

When my youngest son was 13 (11 years ago) I was sitting at his Jr. high soccer game when he came running up to me and asked, “mom, please can I have a kitten? I will feed it and take care of it. I just scored three goals today!” He then pointed to a box over by a lady sitting on the bleaches. She had 8-10 kittens she was giving away for free. I asked the lady if I could have her phone number just in case I needed to return it. I let her know I had allergies and was not sure if it would work out. She was o.k. with it. I gave in and we brought the kitten home.

When we arrived home, I called as many people as possible to ask how to take care of a kitten. Most told me to check for fleas. Fleas? What do they look like? My sister-in-law came over and told me sure enough the kitten was loaded with them. I immediately went to the local pet store to get flea meds for kittens. When I got home, I tried putting the kitten in the sink for a flea bath. Little did I know kittens do not like water. My arms got all scratched up and the kitten was not happy. I became obsessed with trying to get every single flea! Why did I do this for my son? He was not the one combing it nightly! I would not let the kitten out of our master bathroom until the fleas were all gone.

My son wanted to name the kitten Josie. Josie was her name until my sister-in-law came to visit. She looked at the kitten and let us know Josie was a boy! Josie became Joe and is now 11 years old! He loves to roam around the house…that is, when the four dogs (my next slice will be about them) that live with us are nowhere to be seen or heard!


2 thoughts on “JOE

  1. I LOVE this story! This is SO you, Maureen. Just jump in and take life by the tail. I don’t know if it was Wade or Walker who ‘earned’ that kitten, but I hope they are grateful for the awesome mom they have!

  2. Walker is the one who earned the kitten. He is also the one who convinced us to adopt Sammy (yellow lab) who Cheryl K ended up adopting from us! The youngest in our family still gets us into more than what we really want!

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