My husband and I had not had any pets because I had allergies to them. Once our children started getting older, we did get a kitten back in 2007. One summer, my son volunteered to walk dogs at the local shelter. He fell in love with a yellow lab and wanted us to adopt her. We did adopt her and named her Sammy. We found out she did not like movement in the house. She would nip at anyone running. We would have to tell everyone who came in the house they needed to walk. She also did not like males and other dogs. Whenever we knew a male or another dog was coming to the house we would try to remember to put her up in our bedroom. We did not want to take a chance of her biting. There were times the kids would have friends over and forget to put Sammy upstairs and she would nip. Sammy was causing us some stress around the house. My husband kept telling me that he was going to bring Sammy back! He told me one day I would come home and she would be gone. I told him that I would ask everyone I knew if they would adopt her before bringing her back to the shelter so he better not bring her there.

One Friday afternoon, I came home and noticed Sammy’s runner was down off the house. I went inside and my husband had told me he had brought Sammy to the shelter. I was so upset. I started crying and told him I had found another teacher interested in adopting her. I immediately called the shelter and told them the situation. I let them know I was going to bring my teacher friend to the shelter to meet Sammy. They told me she could not be seen for 10 days because they needed to do all their tests on her before exposing her to people. I let them know that was crazy. I owned her and knew she was fine and all her shots and things were up to date. I was trying to find a new home for her and wanted my teacher friend to be able to meet her. I ended up at the shelter pleading that they let me see her. They were adamant they could not break policy. I went home and was so upset that Sammy was sitting in a cage out in the back in the shelter! I was so depressed! I had never experienced this feeling before. I would not talk with anyone or leave my room. I was having a major tantrum for sure!

Saturday morning, I went right back to the shelter to plead with them. They finally agreed to let me and my teacher friend visit with Sammy. She loved Sammy and wanted to take her. The shelter allowed her to take her without charging us! I was so happy! I gave her all of Sammy’s things including her large crate. I even sent her special blankets so that she would have them when she was transitioning with a new home. Sammy and my teacher friend loved each other. I would get little messages thanking me for sharing Sammy with her. It all worked out for the best. Sammy was in a home with no children and was very content with her new owner!



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