Science in 1st grade

I am sitting in a workshop right now collaborating with other 1st grade teachers from our district discussing Science in 1st grade. We will be adding an hour to eight different days in April and May to our school day due to snow days.  Instead of my firsties leaving at 3:10 they will be leaving at 4:10. What a long day for them! I would love to set aside those extra hours just for the hands on Science activities. What a great way to engage my six year olds. Our first unit will about the Spinning Sky (Sun, Moon and Sky)!


Each lesson has an exploration time, an activity and then some extra activities. We will be trying out Mystery Science for our resources. After spending a half day looking at some of the resources, I am really excited about what they offer!

I am so glad we decided as a group to focus on Science during our extra hours of school! I am looking forward to those extra hours of school now. I was worried about how I would be use that extra time effectively but the collaboration with my co-teachers solved that problem. I am looking forward to all the hands on activities that we will be doing!


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