If you don’t want your students to interupt you when you are working with a student or a group of students then try wearing a hat!!!

I love hats in the classroom. Not a winter hat or a baseball cap, but any other type of hat. I try to purchase the wackiest hats I can find. I have Dr Seuss, a clown fish, a crab, a turkey, a wizard..the list goes on.

I was at a workshop today and heard about the honeycomb hats. I couldn’t wait to research where to buy one. I found the website called hats incredible.com and was able to see all kinds of honeycomb hats but could not figure out how to purchase them!! I will figure it out before I fall asleep tonight for sure. They had a hat for most letters of the alphabet! Perfect for my purpose!


4 thoughts on “Hats

  1. When I saw that lobster hat on Gary Crocker’s head yesterday, I thought about you! You have such a whimsical, yet purposeful way of teaching routines and expectations, Maureen. Good luck on your new hat search!!

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