I participated in a workshop today about Mindfulness. This was the first-time I was asked to walk for 5 minutes and to focus only on my breathing and walking. I had a hard time keeping myself from looking all around the library. I wanted to watch the other 16 people walking around the library too. When I finally slowed down and focused on what she had asked us to do, I realized my right 👟 squeaked! I tried walking differently to see if it would stop. It did not. How weird it only happened with my right 👟. Is it the way I walk? That was the first time I ever took the time to focus on nothing around me but my breathing and walking! It was very relaxing. The presenter had us do several other little mindfulness activities that really made me take time for myself. I will try to do an activity or two each and every day to allow myself to relax a little more.


5 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. This sounds a bit meditative – I’ve tried to meditate in yoga, both whole group classes and at home on my own. It can be so distracting! I wonder if you were allowed more time to be mindful, if you would have been able to ignore the squeaking sounds. I know that once I hit 7 or 8 minutes, if I’m comfortable, I can tune out my surroundings. Happy mindfulness!

  2. I love that when you became mindful, the first thing you noticed was a squeak! I’ve only done a little mindfulness work, but I love it when I do it & am trying to take a few minutes a day to pay attention without judgment. It is hard!!

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