Sesame Street Live

I went to Sesame Street Live with three of my grandchildren and their parents this morning. Before getting in the building, I gave each of the grandchildren $25 for them to spend once we got inside.

Prices.,,$15, $25 and $30. I could not believe the prices of the cheap Sesame Street toys. The $25 I gave them would not get them a snack and a toy. I was thinking I should give them more money each but decided they did not need too many things. It would be good for them to have think about what they really wanted.

My 6 year old grandson decided to get a bottled water, a special cup with snowice and small container of popcorn chicken. When we were leaving, he asked me for a bubble maker for $30. I reminded him he had already spent the money I had given him and I did not have anymore to give him. He then went to his parents to ask. They followed through with the same as I said. I was so happy they did. He did not need any more junk from there. He pouted the first ten minutes because he did not get what he wanted but got over once he saw his I pad!

Why do they charge so much for the cheap toys and the food? I wonder what type of profit they make for each show!


5 thoughts on “Sesame Street Live

  1. This is a hard, but valuable lesson for people of all ages. Have a budget and stick with it. I have six children, and when they were young, they often didn’t get any “extras.” The treat was the activity or event. I hope you had a fun day with your precious grandchildren.

  2. These are good questions. My son is notorious for “having” to have something from he gift shop. We often have to be firm like you were. It doesn’t help that sometimes you have to pass through it to exit!

  3. Learning to manage money is such an important skill to learn. It’s great that your grandchildren are getting to practice this already. I can just picture him pouting over the disappointment of not getting the bubble blower and then quickly cheering up over the iPad. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow- those prices are insane! We are working on this understanding of money with our 7 year old son. It is so hard for kids to grasp “money spent now is money not available later.” We’ve started telling him prices in number of allowances or number of Hot Wheels cars. It is starting register a bit.

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