Long Week Coming Up!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a long week of teaching and conferences. It is really hard to schedule 22 conferences with all the right people and have everything workout perfect. Some families need two conferences (mom and dad separate), having to check in with siblings teachers to make sure parents can meet before or after our time, and checking in with others who work with the same child!

My spring conferences are usually more student driven but with two snow days this week, a half day and a workshop day my students did not get all the practice they needed to be able to present their Portfolio. I have made an organizer for them to use and am hoping they will have time to practice on Monday. I want the students to do most if not all of the talking during this conference. They can talk about their own strengths, weaknesses and their smart goals!

We have had 115 school days so far and only have 60 days left. This time of year I always feel stressed over not being able to get everything in. I’m impressed with the students improvement in reading, writing, problem solving, and involvement in our classroom community! I am really proud of where they are compared to where they first started.  They will share fall/spring writing, reading and math growth along with growth in behavioral growth.

What more can I have the students do at the student led conference that will enhance the quality of the conference??

One thought on “Long Week Coming Up!

  1. As a parent, it’s pretty impressive to see your child talk about themselves as a learner in sophisticated ways. Don’t stress! It sounds like you’re doing A LOT really really well.

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