Inside My Backpack

For the past few years, I have I carried a purple LL Bean backpack to and from school every day. I always have my school Chrome laptop in it because I hate using the BIG case that came with the it! There are nights I do school work on it and there are nights it does not move from my backpack.

Other things inside my backpack include pens, hand lotion, sanitizer, lip gloss, perfume, tissues, band aids, a copy of a blank report card,  a new book called Fostering Resilient Learners – Strategies for Creating a Trauma – Sensitive Classroom (for a book study), water, mittens, a hat, an extra pair of glasses, trinkets for my classroom store, my classroom keys, an extra lanyard, small bottle of lavender and a mini notebook for notes.

Why do I carry all those things in my backpack? I don’t really use most of them. I think I have the things in there just in case I may need them. Do you have things in your to and from school bag that you don’t really need? What kind of bag do you carry to and from school. I have considered purchasing a Thirty One bag but love having a backpack type bag! Do I really need a bigger bag for school things? Stop and look in your bag today…what do you have it it?

4 thoughts on “Inside My Backpack

  1. This is so funny to read, over February break I took a walk through my school bag and couldn’t believe how much stuff I found there. Since I don’t have the same classroom or office each day I need to bring everything with me. It gets a little ridiculous how heavy that bag can be!

  2. Same kinds of things in my bag. For a while I carried an old, tattered journal and some notes from students. But there are hair clips, mini lotions, chapstick, an old USB, highlighters, pens and white out, just in case.

  3. A smashed kind bar, post its, flags, sanitizer, chapstick, my notebook, collaboration journal, blog journal, three books I’m reading – Kids First, Thanks For The Feedback, rethinking Read Aloud. My laptops too heavy. I leave it at school.

  4. I love this post! I may be using your idea for a post of my own soon. There are so many things in my backpack that I don’t use on a daily basis! I love how hearing about what’s in yours givess me a sense of who you are.

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