Our 18 month old granddaughter is so adorable. She always makes us smile. She can sit with Poppa or I for over an hour just listening to books. She can tell us what will happen next even before we turn the page! Her mom, dad (our son) and brother live with us too. They use to come downstairs by 7:00 am so Carter (our 6-year-old grandson) can eat breakfast and finish getting ready for 1st grade. They wait until 7:30 so I can’t see them before work. I loved starting my morning off by visiting with them for 15-20 minutes before leaving.

When I get home from work she comes running up to me and says, ” MoMo”. That is my grandmother name since my nickname was Mo when I was younger. I taught her at a young age how to sign for things she wanted. She signs yes, no, please, Thank you, Your welcome, more, bathroom, and popcorn.

I love how she speaks up to her brother when she doesn’t like what he is doing. She puts her hand up in front of him and says “top!” which means stop! Her body language is so adorable. I love spending my free time with her. She entertains me all the time.


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