I had every intention of having Student Led Conferences but with two snow days, an Early Release and a workshop day, my students did not have time to role- play what they needed to do. Only half of my parents brought their child with them to the conference. I blame myself for that percentage. Usually we have had so much time to practice that the students make sure their parents know they need to be there. I am exhausted from doing 18 conferences this week. 4 parents did not come for their slot they were signed up for. I didn’t end up leaving school today until 7:30 pm. What a long day!

The students that did come with their parents were able to share samples of their work. They also had shared one thing they do very well and one thing they are working on. I am amazed how honest my students were. They also shared a self-reflection they did on behavioral expectations. For each question, they could color in red for No, I’m not doing this. Yellow, I could be doing better at this. Green, I do this all the time. Many of the students gave themselves yellow or red and explained why they thought they were that color. They were so honest!

I am so glad the conferences are over! Now time to really think about what the third trimester will look like. How will I fit everything in I have not taught yet? One day at a time for sure! Only 56 school days left. Only 1/3 of the school year is left. Where did the time go?

2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Your students and their families are so lucky to have you Maureen. You are always striving to do your best and bring out the best in them. Get some rest tonight. You deserve it.

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