Chizzle Wizzle



Past interlocutor for Chizzle Wizzle

Here it is Friday night and I am having trouble thinking about what to blog about. Since I just got back from going out with my husband, I will write about what we did.  We went to Chizzle Wizzle which is the nation’s oldest student variety show here in Augusta. This was the 127th year of the show. It is a must see show if you live in the Augusta area. Every year we have attended the show. Both my husband and I teach in the district so it is rewarding for us to see our past students up on stage. My husband was the interlocutor a few years ago for the show. He had a lot of fun being apart of it.

One of my past students did a solo, two did some dancing, one was the stage manager and there were several other students who participated in the chorus. The Variety show allowed students in grades 9-12 from all different disciplines to perform – from singing to playing music to acting.

My husband and I had a great time watching some of our past students perform. What a great way to spend Friday night!


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