Weekends are the best! I get to spend time with family! This morning my son and husband went to check out modular homes so I have Ariana (my granddaughter) for the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                       0324180920a1876533415.jpg

I tried doing her hair in pigtail but with her being very active at 18 months old they did not come out even. She still is so adorable! She loves toast and blueberries for breakfast. What a great way to start my Saturday!

My husband and I are going to donate blood this afternoon. We do this as often as they allow us! He has donated over 5 gallons and I have done over 1 gallon. I have only been donating consistently for the last few years. I wish I had started earlier in my life but things got in the way. I do make it a priority now!

After we give blood we are going to visit Mr. Riley, who use to volunteer in my classroom. He volunteered from about 1990 until just last year every M, W and F. He can no longer drive so his children put him in an Assisted Living place about 40 minutes away from me. Whenever I call him, he always sounds so depressed. I wish I visited him more often. He did volunteer for so many years for me! How can I make it happen more often?

I am so glad I have weekends where I can do what I want! My Sundays are for staying in PJ’s and doing nothing but cooking, cleaning, reading, lesson plans and visiting with family!! Weekends are the best!


4 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Oh, I am so glad you are keeping in touch with Mr. Riley. That man was such a gift to Gilbert School. You are such a caring person to keep him in your heart and in your life. LOVE those pigtails!

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