Simply Health Podcasts

Do you ever listen to Podcasts? Lately I have been listening to Podcasts about eating healthy and exercising. My favorite Podcast is called Simply Health. I love that it is produced by a husband/wife team from my local area. They just share information about making healthy lifestyle choices. They don’t give medical advice but are sharing their own experiences. I have learned so many wonderful things that I have now incorporated into my daily life. I have only been making better choices in my diet since after the new year. I have heard it is better late than never in life. The changes I have made have allowed me to not only lose weight, have more energy, brought my blood pressure down, my BMI is no longer in obese range and I am wearing clothes I couldn’t wear for years! Thank you Simply Health for making a difference in my life!!



2 thoughts on “Simply Health Podcasts

  1. Good for you! It is so great when we find something or someone to support our own goals. I am on a quest for a healthier lifestyle as well! Good luck to both of us! And, BTW, I’ve never listened to a podcast but might need to try! I’ve heard lots of good things about them! Thanks!

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