Middle Child



Wade is on the right

Wade’s birth was much easier than his older sister’s. Labor was easier and the delivery was easier. I thought he was smaller than my daughter but wasn’t. He was a couple ounces bigger than her. When we brought Wade home, Cassie was 19 months old. She did not want anything to do with a brother. Everytime I nursed Wade, Cassie would try and bite him. I only nursed Wade for ten days because it got so bad. I always regretted that. Wade always had ear infections. He ended up with tubes put in his ears at 5 years old. Wade is our middle child!

Wade was engaged to a girl for 6 years before they split up when he was 24. He was depressed and moved back home. After a few months, he met his now fiance. She completes him. She is caring, outgoing, funny, hard working and enthusiastic. I can see that she adores him. I am so happy that he found such a wonderful girl.

Wade is now 27 years old, engaged and a homeowner. He will be getting married in October. They bought the house right next door to us. They both work full time and have three dogs.


Even though we live right next door to each, we rarely see them. We get glimpses of each other when we are out with our dogs. I am looking forward to the summer so that I can actually spend more time with them!


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