Youngest Child



Back in 1990 they only let you have your newborn an hour or so at a time. I was standing outside the nursery looking at my youngest child when a woman walked up to me and stood next to me. She said, “My condolences”! I was so upset with that comment. Walker Pete was born face first instead of head first. His face looked like he had been in a fight. Every time the nurse or doctor checked to see how far along I was, they were poking his face instead of his head. The Pediatrician who came to check him out mentioned that they might have to send him down to Portland to be checked. He said he was going to wait 24 hours before making the decision. I was so happy when they said he was ok! He had no voice for 3 months (I could not hear him cry). I let him sleep on me all the time.  If he wasn’t sleeping on me, I carried him in a carrier right on me. I worried that I would not hear him cry when he needed me. Walker was born in September and I ended up taking the rest of the year off from teaching. I did not feel comfortable leaving him with anyone else but me!!


Walker’s family!










Walker is now 24 years old, engaged (getting married June 2018) and has an 18 month old little girl and a soon to be six-year-old step son. All of them are currently living with us. They have two dogs, two cats, some fish and a bunny. It’s a good thing we have over 5000 square feet in our home!  Walker’s fiance goes off to work 40 hours per week while he stays at home raising their kids. My 86-year-old mother-in-law lives with us so he has stepped up to the plate to assist with her. She is 90% disabled and needs a lot of support. He did take some time to get his Journeyman Oil Burner and Fuel Technician License. He got a job with a local heating company but developed some anxiety about going into strangers houses. I knew he had some anxiety but not to that level. He ended up quitting that job and has not done anymore with it.

He was working evenings helping a local business change from a pizza shop to a mexican shop. The shop has now opened so Walker has been doing some online classes to get his insurance license. He loves learning new things! He just doesn’t like traveling and going into strangers houses. He will soon figure out what he wants to do with his adult life!!


Walker and his little girl Ariana!



4 thoughts on “Youngest Child

  1. NIce story – nothing wrong with doing things differently – making an entrance at birth or taking care of kids while you figure out what you want to do.
    Lucky kids

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