Sleeping In…?

Saturday mornings are great because I can sleep in! Sleeping in for me is waking up after 9. Thinking about sleeping in makes me very happy.

This morning there is a tap tap on my bedroom door. “Momo, I want to see you”, my two year old granddaughter was at my door and wanted to come in. My son, his wife, step son, daughter, two dogs, two cats and a bunny live with us.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that little voice call my name. She climbs up in our bed and calls out to Alexia (Echo Dot). She says,” Alexia, play baby shark!” So now at 7:15 am Ariana, my husband and I are jamming to Baby Shark with all the movements!

I truly love sleeping in but spending time with my granddaughter makes me happier even if it is at 7:15 am!! Being a parent is great but being a grandparent is even greater!!

3 thoughts on “Sleeping In…?

  1. I can’t think of a better ‘alarm clock’ than this! What a great way to start the day.
    I didn’t realize she called you Momo-I’m glad there is a wonderful Momo out there in the world to counter that scary one.
    I think that name fits you so well.

  2. This will be a great post to share with her as she gets older. My father in law says that being a parent was great but being a grandparent is the best. I see that in your story. Thanks for sharing this.

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