Today is the fourth snow day of the year for my husband and I. Two of our grandchildren live with us with our son and his wife so I helped them get dressed to go outside and play in the snow.

Carter is 7 and he made snow angels and then tried rolling snowballs to make a snowman. There were lots of snowballs but no snowman. Ariana is 2 and 1/2. She wanted to be pushed on her swing to go high in the sky as she says.

All three of us made a fort that had a place for Ariana to sit with a path to her brother Carter’s spot to sit. We made the walls about two feet tall with no roof. The kids enjoyed going between the two rooms and sitting!!

What a beautiful day to spend a couple hours outside with the grandchildren!! Snow days are the best!!

4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. So many mixed memories of snow days as a child. Some happy some stressed. There was always some combination of the 11 of us siblings. I am sure my parents were out of their minds on a snow day. Thanks for the memory moment.

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