Here I am on this snowy Sunday afternoon sitting in my bedroom watching Lifetime movies. I am surrounded by winter clothes. Do I start to pack them away for next year and bring out the spring clothes or do I wait another month?

I have so many clothes in three sizes…6,8 & 10’s! I am currently wearing 8’s but when I really watch my carb and sugar intake I can wear the 6’s. The 10’s are still around just in case I need them! Years ago, I watched an Oprah show that said we should get rid of the big sizes in our closet but I can’t do it. I have spent so much money on them.

I decided to wait a month to take out my spring clothes and continue to wear my winter clothes… until April vacation that is! Should I get rid of my 10’s? What would you do?

7 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Your writing is real and relatable. As is your admission about having multiple sizes in your closet. I do too! And I’m nowhere near thinking about spring clothes yet.

  2. My closet is the same. I’ve seen a meme about the different piles of jeans we have. Thanks for bringing the real.

  3. I have jeans that I SHOULD be donating! There is no way I am going to get back to those skinny things! But, maybe the reason we don’t donate them right away and let them sit there is because we hope that we are wrong. Maybe we should look at those jeans as inspiration. You’ve given me something to think about with this post!

  4. I’m with Oprah. You won’t need those anymore if you are watching your carb and sugar counts. I am with you on keeping out your winter clothes though. Thanks for keeping it real. We all deal with the same questions about closet clothes! 🙂

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