Sounds at School

I decided to do a 5 minute Quick Write about the sounds I hear at school.

Sometimes I just need to sit in my classroom with the lights off and do nothing after a long day. There are so many sounds I am hearing. The children from Aftercare on the playground screaming…you can’t do that, you cheated, he just hit me, bouncing balls, two girls talking by my outside classroom door not knowing I am sitting in my room. An adult yelling to a student to come see him.  So wonderful the weather has improved that they can go outside to play.

The sounds of the photocopier being used down the hall. Two teachers talking away in the teachers room. Doors closing! Someone upstairs moving chairs and desks around. Footsteps of staff walking in the hallway. The toilet flushing upstairs. The custodians bucket being pushed down the hallway ready to enter another classroom to clean. An adult from Aftercare walking with a couple of students who need to use the bathroom. The sounds of wet boots on the floor.

My 5 minutes is up so…

2 thoughts on “Sounds at School

  1. This is a great example of being present in the moment! You nailed it

    I like the comment above about trying this with the actual sounds (onomatopoeia and dialogue) and see how that might feel to you. (“Hey___come on over here!” FLUSH, SLAM, “I gotta use the bathroom.” “Ok, I’ll wait”. SQUEAK SQUEAK ) I’m imagining it all right now.

  2. It’s interesting to hear your sounds….Even after school is out, your building sounds like a busy, bustling place! ~JudyK 🙂

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