First Grade Writing

We have done many Author studies this year. This young author wants to write like Stephen King (I have not read any of his books in my classroom). This is 1 of 11 pages he wrote in a half hour of writing today. He stapled a front and back cover to his book and sat it on my desk. He had a sticky note on it that said… For Mrs. Cooper only. He told me his friends would be scared if they read it so he didn’t want to put it out with our other published books.

I started the year off with typing up most of my students books if they felt they were ready to publish. We would conference together and edit where needed. I had to stop typing up his because his books were so long. I was conferencing with him daily and he wanted me to type them up right after we conferenced. He is now very happy to add a front and back page to his writing and call it published.

He has also read the first 17 Magic Tree House books since just before February Vacation(Less than a month). I was missing books 17 and 18 from the series in my classroom and he asked me yesterday if I would go out and buy them. I told him I would borrow them from another teacher and buy them from our March Scholastic Book order. He was so excited. He completed book 17 and is halfway through book 18!

My students transition every 15-20 minutes with different activities throughout the day so he is doing other things other than reading and writing.

Do you know of a kid Author I could have him research?

3 thoughts on “First Grade Writing

  1. Amazing! I have a writer in my class who is inspiring other kiddos to write their adventures. I love when the kids become mentors to each other. And how wonderful that he thought about his audience and didn’t want to scare his friends with his book, so it was just for you!

  2. I cannot think of any kid authors to recommend to a first grader. I know a few teen authors, but the content would not be appropriate (even if he is a first grader who apparently reads Stephen King!). He sounds like a lot of fun in class, and I am happy that he has you to challenge and encourage him, rather than limiting his writing.

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