My husband and I were left a brand new Class C RV back in 2015 when his brother passed away of a Brain Tumor. Every summer before that we always went camping but always used a tent. His brother knew how much we loved camping and wanted us to have something better than a tent.

We used the RV the last two summers which was a lot better than tenting. We are now looking into purchasing a fifth wheel because they are a lot more spacious! We spent the day at the Civic Center looking at the different RVs. We loved the Sandpiper models. I can see us eventually retiring and living in an RV full time. We did not purchase one today because we want to make sure we research the best one for our needs/wants.

Do you go RVing? What do you think is a must have in a RV? Do you know anyone who lives in one full time in a four season area?? We want to invest in one that we will be able to drive to any state in the United States no matter what season it is.

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