Spring Conferences are finally over for the week! The fall conferences happen in October and I was still getting to know my students. The spring conferences are student directed so it is much easier for me!

I had to take a lot of small group time to role play exactly what and how each student would share their growth from the fall to now. Some of the things they shared were:

  • Self Reflection Form
  • Reading Passage at their level
  • HFW progress
  • Math Assessments/Current math game
  • Writing Samples…including a published book
  • Art Work
  • 2 things they are good at/ 2 things they are working on

I was amazed how honest my students were in sharing their Self-Reflections! When I asked one student why she colored a happy face and a straight face for Listening when the teacher is talking, she replied,”Remember that time I heard Nova sneeze, I said bless you? I was talking while you were talking!”

I really do love listening to my students share their own work with their families. I’m able see just how much they really did grow academically, socially and emotionally!! 32 years of teaching and I still love teaching six and seven year olds( they teach me a lot also)!

4 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. Oh wow! Love how you have your students lead the Spring conferences! So true about October conferences! I teach Kindergarten and we just finished our conferences as well. So much more to discuss and amazing to see how much progress they have made this year!

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