Flavored Water

There are six teachers in my school that are trying out flavored water in the classroom to encourage students to drink more water. It is a part of out 5201 Program to encourage healthy habits at school. So far, the students have tried cucumber, strawberry, blueberry and orange flavored water. It has been a huge success in my classroom!

We use disposable mini cups with the students classroom numbers on them so they wont be wasteful. Every day but one they have finished the whole pitcher full. One day I had to fill it back up at lunch.

Today when the students walked into the classroom, they noticed I had not filled the pitcher. They were all disappointed. They let me know they drink more water and asked me to please fill it. Within a few minutes, I had the pitcher filled and students drinking it! I would recommend to anyone who does not have a good water faucet in their classroom to try adding a pitcher!

2 thoughts on “Flavored Water

  1. This is a great idea! I do not have a working fountain in my room, and we can’t drink the water from the sink. I think the flavoured water would be a big hit! Maybe when the warmer weather arrives I’ll give it a try.

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